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Improve patient care, increase clinic revenue and simplify the workers’ compensation process

What is TAHPI?

Tactical Athlete Health & Performance Institute (TAHPI) alleviates the challenge of managing the workers' compensation process directly by ensuring treatment plan are approved quickly. This allows you and your team to focus on other priorities, like managing and marketing your practice.


TAHPI alleviates the nightmare of dealing with workers comp and municipalities directly. We’ll take care of it all for you.


TAHPI provides concierge service for your practice by supplementing existing processes.


We understand your practice is based on patient referrals. Which is why we’re willing to do the marketing for you. All with no commission or fee.  

What Others are Saying

TAHPI ensures the transition between Physicians, Surgeons and Physical Therapists is seamless. The TAHPI staff walks each officer through the process and makes sure to be available in case the officer or their family has any questions or concerns. This is truly what makes TAHPI stand out in the eyes of our people.
— Timothy J. Sharpee, Captain of Police at the Wauwatosa Police Department
The entire process was impressive. In 22 years, I’ve never felt more cared about and part of a family. This program has to be the best improvement to the job in my career.
— Firefighter Brent St. John, Milwaukee Fire Department
By initiating the diagnosis and treatment process so early — we have seen a reduction in overtime costs, and less stress on those officers who must cover the vacancies created... which equates to an overall cost savings for our department.
— Timothy J. Sharpee, Captain of Police at the Wauwatosa Police Department
Traditional occupational health is waiting while TAHPI is action. During a six month period we were able to quantify 10 weeks of saved time using TAHPI.
— Jon Cohn, Fire Chief of Greenfield Fire Department

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