Reduce overtime and insurance premium costs accrued from injured employees.

What is TAHPI?

Tactical Athlete Health & Performance Institute (TAHPI) manages injury-related costs for city employees like yours. Our programs cut overhead costs, reduce insurance premiums, and allow the patient to focus on a smooth recovery.

Progressive Care

We manage the complete post-injury process, guiding injured employees through the workers' compensation process, so you don’t have to. 


Through TAHPI, injured employees will be scheduled to see the necessary specialists within days of their injury, not months. 


TAHPI is far more affordable than existing health care programs that don't offer our level of support. Skip the expensive contracts with big-name facilities.

Proven Results

We establish networks of the very best practitioners in your region that provide unprecedented value to these personnel cost savings. TAHPI not only helps injured first responders heal faster and return to work sooner, we drive down personnel costs for municipalities. Cities who have implemented TAHPI programs typically see...
6 week reduction of injury time
13 shifts of savings at $850/shift
$11,050 of total savings
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What Others are Saying

Our employees know that the TAHPI Program gets them into specialists who are experienced in treating people in their field of work – if they are hurt at work they know they will see the right provider and not have to wait and wonder when they can get back to their normal lifestyle.
— Robert Whitaker, Fire Chief at North Shore Fire/Rescue
By initiating the diagnosis and treatment process so early, we have seen a reduction in overtime costs, and less stress on those officers who must cover the vacancies created... which equates to an overall cost savings for our department.
— Timothy J. Sharpee, Captain of Police at the Wauwatosa Police Department
The entire process was impressive. In 22 years, I’ve never felt more cared about and part of a family. This program has to be the best improvement to the job in my career.
— Timothy J. Sharpee, Captain of Police at the Wauwatosa Police Department
Traditional occupational health is waiting while TAHPI is action. During a six month period we were able to quantify 10 weeks of saved time using TAHPI.
— Jon Cohn, Fire Chief of Greenfield Fire Department

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